Rep. John Sarbanes Kicks Off National Discussion on Democracy Reform and Environmental Protection at Earth Friendly Products®

Rep. John Sarbanes Kicks Off National Discussion on Democracy Reform and Environmental Protection at Earth Friendly Products® Leading Eco-Conscious Cleaning Products Company Supports Congressman’s Agenda to Empower Citizens and Promote Environmental Protection

Cypress, CA (February 12, 2018) – Earth Friendly Products®, the maker of ECOS™ plant-powered cleaners, was the first stop on the nationwide tour of Congressman John Sarbanes (D-Md.), who introduced his “By the People” political reform agenda at a roundtable discussion. The agenda is designed to make American democracy more responsive to the voices of all citizens, including their demands for greater environmental protection. Sarbanes, joined by his colleague Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-Ca.), discussed smarter policies for campaign finance that will better engage Americans in the democratic process and, at the same time, help find solutions to some of our most urgent threats to environmental and human health.

Earth Friendly Products was selected by Sarbanes because of its 50-year leadership in sustainable manufacturing and its efforts in legislative reform for chemical safety and ingredient transparency. The company is a U.S.-based company and the only manufacturer that has achieved carbon neutrality, water neutrality, and Platinum-level Zero Waste certification.

“As a cutting-edge leader in reducing carbon pollution and protecting consumer health and safety, Earth Friendly Products was the perfect place to preview the By the People Agenda,” says Sarbanes. “The company is a strong supporter of democracy reforms, which will ensure that environmental policy is made for the benefit of everyday Americans instead of special interests who are blocking our path to a cleaner and greener future.”

“This is such a critical time in our nation’s history to come together to protect our environment and our democracy,” says Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, president and CEO of Earth Friendly Products. “We believe that businesses like ours should play a stronger role in helping promote smarter policies that protect the environment and elevate the voices of everyday Americans. Even though 80% of the people in country want Congress to act on climate change, special interests have created a roadblock in Washington. We need Congress to take a stand.”

Chair of the House Democracy Reform Task Force, Sarbanes has authored the Government By the People Act, which will ensure that elected officials answer to the public on the issues that are deeply important to them—from specific initiatives like TSCA reform and chemical safety, to broader issues such as keeping our air and water clean, protecting our open spaces, and fighting against climate change.

Joining the conversation at Earth Friendly Products were leaders of business, academic, political and non-profit organizations. David Levine, president and co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council, and William Bridge of Global Green USA joined the Congressmen in a panel discussion of the issues. Environmental and health non-profit organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Wyland Foundation, Autism Hope Alliance, Orange County Coastkeeper, and Grades of Green also joined the discussion.


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Congressman John Sarbanes has represented Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District since 2007. He serves on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, as well as the Subcommittee on Health and the Subcommittee on Energy and Power. He is a long-time champion of smart environmental policies and has led efforts in Congress to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and expand environmental education for children.