ECOSBreeze, Greener Air Care for your Home

Post image - ECOSBreeze, Greener Air Care for your Home

We’re pleased to announce our launch of ECOSBreeze® mood-inspired air care products. Using signature natural fragrances and essential oil blends, our ECOSBreeze air care line eliminates odors and helps you create an ambiance in your home that matches your mood.

Designed to bond with and break apart odor molecules instead of masking them, ECOSBreeze Fabric & Carpet Odor Eliminator is formulated to be safer for people and pets. It comes in three ECOS signature scents: Lavender Vanilla, Lemongrass, and Magnolia & Lily. As effective as leading conventional brands on tough smells like food and smoke odors, ECOSBreeze Fabric & Carpet Odor Eliminator is certified Safer Choice by the U.S. EPA, the highest standard of ingredient safety on the market.

Five ECOSBreeze Room Sprays round out the new air care lineup, giving consumers a safer way to use scents to set the vibe in their home. Pairing our most popular signature scents with five unique moods, the sprays are available in Fun, True, Chill, Bright and Bold. You can discover which unique scent best matches your personality with our online “What’s YourVibe?”


 The ECOSBreeze Room Spray scents include:


Magnolia & Lily, with a fun-filled blend of purifying clove and stimulating patchouli essential oils


Bamboo Lemon, with a blend of purifying lemon, refreshing mountain pepper, harmonizing wild mint, and invigorating eucalyptus essential oils


Lavender Vanilla, with relaxing lavender essential oil infused with comforting vanilla


Parsley, with a blend of energizing thyme, nourishing coriander, sustaining balsam torchwood, and lively cinnamon essential oils


Honeydew, with a blend of spicy ginger and revitalizing orange essential oils

Like the odor eliminator, the ECOSBreeze Room Spray is designed for display in a see-through, faceted bottle that showcases each scent’s unique botanical art. Plus, with 840 sprays per bottle, you can set the vibe again and again.