We believe everyone has the right to a healthy home

Our foundation is built on ethics, empathy, environmental justice and social justice. From the way we make our products, to how we treat employees and support local communities, we are committed to creating a safer and more sustainable home for all of us.

A family folding laundry and having fun

Championing safer products and ingredient transparency

We believe everyone deserves access to a healthy home. That’s why we actively work with federal and state governments to pass legislation that requires the disclosure of ingredients in cleaning products.

Taking climate action for people and the planet

We’ve reduced our energy use, decreased our waste by over 99%, lowered our transportation emissions and invested in clean wind energy projects, dramatically changing our operations to become not just carbon neutral, but Climate Positive. But there’s more work to accomplish – before it’s too late.

Seeding a greener future

We want our planet to be in good hands. From scholarships to science programs, we’re committed to sharing knowledge and inspiring the next generation of caretakers for our planet.

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