ECOS Awarded U.S. EPA’s 2021 Safer Choice Partner of the Year

ECOS® Awarded U.S. EPA’s 2021 Safer Choice Partner of the Year

Leading eco-conscious cleaning products company is honored for its commitment to creating safer cleaning products


Cypress, CA (September 23, 2021)ECOS®, the maker of safer, plant-powered laundry detergents and household cleaners, has been named a 2021 Safer Choice Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The company earned the honor for its outstanding achievement in the design and manufacture of products that are safer for families, pets, workplaces, communities, and the environment. The award was announced by EPA on September 23, 2021.


The Safer Choice program is the gold standard of third-party green certifications. Safer Choice is designed to help shoppers quickly and easily find cleaning products that are safer for their health and the health of the planet. Safer Choice certification means that every ingredient is the safest in its class; that the product has met high standards for performance; and that the manufacturer is continually innovating new, safer products and better, recyclable packaging.


This award marks the fifth time that ECOS has earned the prestigious Safer Choice Partner of the Year designation since the program began in 2015 and was the first manufacturer to feature the Safer Choice logo on its packaging. ECOS offers over 150 products that are certified Safer Choice, more than any other manufacturer.


“ECOS is recognized as an outstanding Safer Choice Formulator-Product Manufacturer and has been a Safer Choice partner since 2008,” EPA noted in its announcement of the award. “Safer Choice commends ECOS’s dedication to formulating and raising awareness of products with safer chemical ingredients, both nationally and internationally.”


“For over 50 years, our mission has been to protect the health and wellness of people, pets, and the planet by creating the most authentic, sustainable, and affordable cleaning products for all,” said Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, president & CEO of ECOS. “Consumers have a right to know what’s in the products they bring into their home, and the Safer Choice program is the best way for people to easily find safer cleaning products when they shop.”



Family owned and operated since 1967, ECOS makes plant-powered laundry detergents and cleaners that are safer for people, pets and the planet. ECOS cleaners are made in the USA using global ingredients, without dyes, formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, parabens, phthalates, or optical brighteners. They are pH balanced, readily biodegradable, and never tested on animals. ECOS has won many awards for its green chemistry innovations, including the U.S. EPA 2021 Safer Choice Partner of the Year award. ECOS, Baby ECOS, ECOS Pets and ECOS PRO cleaners are available at major club and grocery retailers and natural foods stores throughout the U.S., internationally and online. For more information and retail locations, visit