ECOS Love This Sheet

We heard you on plastic bottles

And we give a sheet

ECOS Love This Sheet

Laundry. Without the Bottle.

Our Laundry Detergent Sheets reduce packaging emissions by 75%, water used in production by 99%, and shipping emissions by 87%*, for an overall carbon footprint reduction of 82%.**

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*Based on an average shipping distance of 500-miles

**Compared to our traditional liquid laundry detergent equivalents

ECOS Love This Sheet

Easy to Use

ECOS Love This Sheet
1 Select sheets based on chart
ECOS Love This Sheet
2 Toss into washer with laundry
ECOS Love This Sheet
3 All done! 
Clean laundry
Soft: 1 sheet Cold: 1 sheet Small: 1 sheet
Medium: 1 sheet Warm: 1 sheet Medium: 1 sheet
Hard: 2 sheets Hot: 1 sheet Large: 2 sheets

Works well with all washing machines, temperatures, and cycles


1. How many sheets per load?

It’s typically 1 sheet = 1 load, but depending on water hardness, water temperature and load size, you might need 2 sheets. Reference our “Easy to Use” chart above for more info.

2. What to do if a sheet does not dissolve?

Reduce your load size or increase the water temperature and make sure you add the sheet to the top of your laundry.

3. Can I put the laundry sheet into the washing machine detergent drawer?

For best results, we recommend putting the sheet on top of your laundry.

4. Does this product work on front loading machines?

Yes! It works great on front loading machines. Just put it inside the drum on top of your laundry.

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