Supporting Cancer Research With Every Wash

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Bottle Of Environmentally Friendly Laundry Detergent

October is breast cancer awareness month. It also happens to be the month that we raise money for the American Cancer Society. When it comes to finding a partner, we always look for organizations who share our mission to help people live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. And there’s no better partner in that effort than the American Cancer Society; a group that works tirelessly to fund and drive research and fight cancer.

So how are we helping, you ask?  By donating $1 towards breast cancer research for every bottle of hypoallergenic laundry soap sold, up to $75,000. That way you can have loads of clean laundry, while doing loads of good. But first, a little more about breast cancer and our partnership…

How important is breast cancer research? 

Did you know 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime? That makes breast cancer one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers among American women. And it’s not just a U.S. issue – according to the World Health Organization, breast cancer accounts for 12% of annual cancer cases worldwide. 

Now for the good news. Breast cancer fatalities have slowly decreased since 2013, likely thanks to treatment advances and early detection through screening. And with more research and more advances in this type of cancer, who knows how many lives can be bettered. After all, almost everyone has experienced a loved one going through breast cancer treatment, which means for every life saved, countless people’s lives are improved. 

But don’t just take it from us – the experts at the American Cancer Society have done plenty of research that can be read right here


Our Shared Mission To Live Cleaner 

We believe that what you bring into your home should be healthier, not harmful. That’s why our laundry detergents are made without dyes, optical brighteners, parabens, phosphates and 500+ other nasty ingredients we promise to never use (including all known carcinogens!). At ECOS, we are working to reduce your exposure to carcinogens and fund cancer research all at the same time. That makes doing your laundry pretty powerful, don’t you think?


You Buy 1, We Give $1 

This is where you come in. If you’re interested in donating towards breast cancer research, and reducing carcinogens in your own home, now’s the time to swap out your current detergent for a bottle of ECOS hypoallergenic laundry detergent. For every bottle you buy this month, $1 will be donated towards breast cancer research. So what do you say – ready to create a healthier home (and a healthier world) together? 

Take a look at our laundry detergents here or head to our store locator to find the closest bottle to you.