Supporting the Families of Fallen Soldiers

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Girl Hugging Mother In Fatigues

This year, we are proud to partner with Folds of Honor, a nonprofit that provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of fallen or disabled veterans. The 501(c)(3) was established in 2007 after Lt. Col. Rooney, a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, saw the grieving family of a fallen U.S. Army Corporal meeting their loved one’s coffin on an airport tarmac. Folds of Honor scholarships support private education tuition, tutoring and educational summer camps for children K-12 and higher education tuition assistance. To date, they have awarded more than 24,500 scholarships totaling $130 million to military spouses and children.


ECOS® is made in the USA (using thoughtfully sourced global ingredients), and as a primary manufacturer, we support local communities across the country by giving back to organizations that care for vulnerable populations, including military veterans and their families. Our partnership with Folds of Honor means for every bottle of 100oz, 110oz, and 128oz Laundry Detergent sold during the months of May, June, July, and August in 2022, we’ll donate $1 to Folds of Honor (up to $50.,000) to invest in scholarships for families of fallen and disabled soldiers. 

“We are incredibly proud to give back to the families of those who serve our country,” said Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, president and CEO of ECOS. “We’re honored to give shoppers this opportunity to help support U.S. military families in such a tangible and meaningful way.”

Look for the Folds of Honor neck tag at your local retailer to support this cause