The First Ever EPA Safer Choice Certified Pet Shampoo

3 minute read

Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo

Whether you’ve got a cat, dog or parakeet, you likely consider them a family member. If you’re a pet owner, you want your furry family members to have a happy and healthy life, free from exposure to hazardous chemicals. 

Since many pet products do not come with a full ingredient listing, it can be challenging to understand what exactly you are exposing your animals to.

We believe that pets deserve the same high standards as the rest of the family when it comes to the chemicals we use on and around them.  With two of our new ECOS Pet shampoos as the first pet care products to earn US EPA Safer Choice certification, we’re working to shed light on healthier products.

One fragrance-free and one peppermint-scented, the formulas were created with the same safety and sustainability standards as our plant-powered household products. The hypoallergenic pet & dog shampoos are cruelty-free, pH balanced, free of any known carcinogens or developmental toxins, and all ingredients used are the safest in their class. Check the back label for full ingredient transparency, make an informed decision, and give your lovable pup a good, green clean.