Proudly Supporting Local Communities

Post image - Proudly Supporting Local Communities

Family owned and operated since 1967, Earth Friendly Products (EFP) has been making plant-powered cleaners in the U.S. for over 50 years. ECOS™ laundry detergent and the collection of over 200 other green cleaners, are proudly made in four facilities across the country using thoughtfully sourced global ingredients. EFP is dedicated to growing the U.S. green economy, reducing its environmental footprint, and creating safer products for families to enjoy across the country.

Located in California, Washington, Illinois and New Jersey, each facility ships products locally throughout its designated region. When you see ECOS™ in your local grocery store, you can feel confident in knowing that product came from a nearby facility. In addition to our four facilities we have team members across the country bringing ECOS™ to your local community. Our region-based distribution also reduces our environmental impact. By decreasing shipping and transportation distance, we are able to reduce our carbon emissions for the benefit of the entire community (and the planet!).

By manufacturing in the U.S., we have added over 350 green jobs to the U.S. economy and that number continues to grow. As a leader in corporate and social responsibility, EFP believes in providing a living wage and wellness benefits for all employees. Employees are paid one of the highest minimum wages in the country, $17/hr, to make sure they can support their families and feel confident in the work that they do.

When you buy ECOS™ products, you are doing more than just choosing to buy better, safer cleaning products; you’re also supporting local economies and communities across the U.S. Aaron Miller, our Washington-based product manager, notes,

“People in Washington have pride in our state and like to support companies doing business here.”

Though each of our facilities across the country has its own unique feel, the sentiment of local pride in the communities we’re a part of is the same.

EFP is a living example of the American dream. We’re passionate advocates for supporting the communities we operate in with local jobs, and creating a greener future through quality products and sustainable manufacturing. Find where our products are available in your local community here.