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Why is it Nasty?
Ammonia is a corrosive chemical that can cause burns to the skin and eyes. It can also cause severe irritaition to the respiratory tract when inhaled. Not only in ammonia harmful to humans, but it toxic to aquatic life as well. Beacuse aquatic animals have a difficult time processing ammonia, the toxin can build up in thier systems resulting in severe illness or death. It is especially important to avoid ammonia in surface cleaners as they are usually applied with a sprayer, which will introduce a mist into the air, increasing your chances of repiratory irritation.

What is it?
Ammonia is most commonly listed on product labels as “ammonium hydroxide” but may be listed as “ammonia” as well. In addition to reading the product label, you may be able to smell ammonia if it is contained in a product. Ammonia has a very strong, pungent odor.

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