4 Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Post image - 4 Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Did you know humans around the world buy one million plastic water bottles per minute? Of those, less than 10% are actually recycled. In fact, plastic waste accounts for 90% of the trash in our oceans.

There are great environmental benefits to switching to plastic alternatives, like reducing landfill waste and the greenhouse gases emitted from the manufacturing of plastic

Here are some simple ways to help you reduce your plastic usage and show the Earth a little love.

Shopping Bags

B.Y.O.B. (bring your own bag) when you shop to reduce plastic bag waste. Some states like California charge extra for plastic bags to encourage you to bring your own. Every year plastic bags end up in oceans, harming marine life. Taking the extra step to bring a reusable bag could save animal lives and decrease landfill waste. If you forget your reusable bag, don’t worry; many grocery stores sell them at checkout for $1 or less.

Water Bottles

Hydration is a must, and carrying a water bottle will remind you to drink more water to improve your health. Disposable plastic water bottles require over 1.5 million barrels of oil to produce the 30 billion bottles made each year. Plastic isn’t readily biodegradable, and it takes up to 1,000 years to break apart, filling up landfills. Instead, switch to a reusable bottle. It will save you money as well as reduce waste. Wash your water bottles with hypoallergenic ECOS™ Dishmate™  dishwashing soap for an eco-friendly clean!

Coffee Cups

Did you know that over 50 billion disposable cups end up in landfills every year? Unfortunately, a paper cup takes more than 20 years to decompose. Most coffee cup cups are lined with a layer of plastic that makes it waterproof but also difficult to recycle or decompose. Bringing a reusable cup or tumbler to work will cut down on coffee cup waste! In fact, some coffee shops even offer a reward or discount when you bring your own cup to fill.


Plastic utensils are easy and the go-to for get-togethers; however, if you’re the party host you can opt for silverware. Even if you’re away from home, such as having a picnic lunch, you can still pack silverware from home. You can also always carry compostable utensils in your bag to use when you’re ordering to go, instead of using plastic utensils. If you do happen to have leftover plastic utensils, you can wash and reuse them too! 

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