Dr. Daniel Amen Discusses Healthy Attachments

Post image - Dr. Daniel Amen Discusses Healthy Attachments

World-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Amen joined Earth Friendly Products once more at our headquarters in Cypress, California, to help our team take the BRIGHTMINDS journey to create a brain-fit life.

Click here to watch Dr. Amen and our President and CEO Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks talk about the ECOS BRIGHTMINDS program at Earth Friendly Products.

We’re passionate about helping team members and our customers live healthier lives. Living well is multifaceted and includes the products you buy, the food you eat, and your relationships with yourself and others. This month’s visit from Dr. Amen focused on healthy attachments and relationships with others.

Creating a sense of harmony in your relationships and gaining conflict resolution skills will help you live your healthiest life. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from Dr. Amen’s most recent session and how you can learn from them:

“When you fall back, get curious, not furious”

It’s easy to get angry when you have a setback in life or a relationship. Anger is a defense mechanism and an easy way to deflect instead of solving problems. Instead of going straight to anger, try becoming curious. Start asking the obvious and not-so-obvious questions to get clarity on the situation at hand. Once you collect your thoughts, then try to re-examine the conflict while you’re feeling less stressed.

“We teach other people how to treat us”

People will treat you in ways that you allow. Start to stand up for yourself and be your own advocate when it comes to communicating. If people know you won’t tolerate certain behaviors, they’re much more likely to become more respectful towards you. You can also work towards creating healthy distance between you and the people that are causing stress in your life.

“Be kind but assertive”

A lot of people struggle with setting boundaries and saying no because they fear being perceived as mean or uncaring. However, important relationships require reciprocity where your needs and concerns are also being heard and met. When you’re communicating in any of your relationships, be kind and assertive. Remember that “no” is not only a word but a complete sentence.

Healthy relationships should help you grow in other areas of your life, not set you back. If you find yourself unhappy with a relationship, try these ideas to set boundaries, become more self-aware, and make the changes necessary to improve your relationship.

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