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  • 3/2 - Climate bill possible "in weeks":
  • 3/2 - In Bolivia, a Tight Grip …
  • 3/2 - The pending scramble for water, BBC
  • 3/2 - US lawmaker vows climate

What customers say

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If you are a natural health food store retailer the following distributors carry the complete line of Earth Friendly Products:

In the Northeast

  • Clean Works, Inc
  • Island Natural
  • Kokopelli
  • Tree of Life NE
  • The Hummers.
  • United Natural Foods Inc.

In the Southwest

  • Associated Grocers
  • Tree of Life SW
  • The Hummers

In the Southeast

  • United Natural Foods Inc.
  • Tree of Life SE
  • The Hummers


  • Dale Cox Distributors
  • DPI
  • Haddon House
  • Kehe Distributors
  • Millbrook Distributors
  • Natural Eco Trading
  • Peyton
  • Whole Foods


  • Hunts Food & Supplies


  • Route to Green Spa


  • Petastic & Earth Friendly
    Products SAS
  • Jorge Alfredo Molina


  • Hubrap Holding/ Aqua Air


  • Al Accad


  • 4 Dor International


  • Ithmar Supply Co.


  • Organica Store


  • Organic Baby

S. Africa

  • Quantam Pets


  • Simple Spaces

Turks & Caicos

  • Graceway Trading

In the Midwest

  • United Naturals
  • Natural Farms
  • Tree of Life MW
  • The Hummers
  • Frontier Natural Products

In the West

  • Rainbow Natural
  • Nature's Best
  • Tree of Life NW
  • The Hummers
  • Dale Cox Distributors


  • Christmas Natural Food
  • Corwin Distribution
  • The Hummers

Central America

  • Dafesa
    Ana Maria Montano



  • Beijing Uniworld
  • Tianjin Hanchen Trading
  • GTC Commerce
  • Hong Kong

  • Easy Won Trading Development
  • Green Gourmet
  • Little Giant
  • Malaysia

  • Mady Organic & Natural Food Stores
  • My Baby Gift Box
  • Singapore

  • Axklusiv
  • Vitakids/ Pink of Health
  • Source Sharing Trading
  • S. Korea

  • Hapstore Co.
  • LikoTrading
  • Taiwan

  • Limex Inc.
  • Trueness Int’l

If you are a grocery, mass, or specialty retailer please contact the corporate office:

111 S Rohlwing Road
Addison, IL 60101
800-335-3267 x 11
fax 847-446-4437
or email us at