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Here are some common questions, and answers, about our products and company that we think you'll find helpful. They are broken down by category to make finding your answer easier.

If you've got a question that's not answered here, you are more than welcome to drop us an email

Product Use
Product effectiveness, testing, allergens, general
Product Container
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Questions about PRODUCT USE

Q: Can the consistency and color of ECOS detergent vary and how will this affect my clothing?

A: As also indicated on our product labels, because we use naturally derived ingredients, the color and body (thickness of product) of ECOS can vary. However, this does NOT change the effectiveness of ECOS detergent on fabrics. Regardless of the color and body variation, ECOS will always leave your fabrics clean and smelling fresh!

Q: The Ecos Detergent label indicates that the product is effective in high heat up to 185 degrees fahrenheit. I wash my clothes in cold or warm water. Can I still use the detergent?

A: Yes, you can absolutely still use the Ecos Detergent in lower temperatures as it is equally effective in cold or warm water. We indicate on the label that the product works up to 185 degrees since any temperature above that makes the product ineffective.

Q: Are your products safe for pets?
A: Yes, our products are indeed safe for pets.  However, one product that we do not recommend using is the Shower Kleener since, for cats only, the tea tree oil in the product can be harmful if ingested.  Other than that, the products are quite safe.

Q: I just brought a bottle of Dishmate home, and I can't get it to squirt out. Not a drop! What's wrong?
A: Screw off the lid, remove the liner, replace the lid and squirt to your heart's content.

Q: What do you suggest for mold and mildew in the shower?
A:  We suggest using our Oxo Brite Non-Chlorine Bleach.  You can add water to make the product into a paste and apply it to mold/mildew.  Leave the paste on for up to 30 minutes and then rinse to remove.

Q:  I love using Wave dishwasher detergent, but sometimes my dishes cloud. What can I do about it?
A:  Using Wave Jet Rinse Aid in your glass care dispenser will solve any spotting or clouding, but you may need to run a vinegar rinse through your empty dishwasher. Most manufacturers recommend it twice yearly to clean off  hard-water mineral deposits that have accumulated on the interior of the machine. Just pour a few ounces of white vinegar in each soap dispenser (and the rinse aid dispenser if you’d like), run the washer, and consider your dishwasher hard-water friendly for another six months.

Q:  Do you have to do a vinegar rinse each time when using the Wave dishwasher product?  Also, what kind of vinegar should I use?
A:   No, you do not need to do a vinegar rinse each time.  It is just helpful to do it every month or two to help remove build-up from the use of detergent.  You can use white vinegar. and fill each dispenser.  We do recommend using the vinegar rinse when first starting to use Wave Dishwashing Detergent.

Q: What would be the best product to use on porous surfaces such as marble and granite?
A: We would recommend Parsley Plus. It has a neutral pH (meaning it is not acidic), so it will not eat away at the sealant or cause pitting

Q. Are your ECOS detergents safe for both High Efficiency (HE) machines and standard top-loading machines?
A. Yes, the ECOS detergents are safe for both types of machines. What differentiates the two types of machines is the amount of detergent used per load. For standard machines, you will need to use up to two ounces of detergent per load. For HE machines, which use less water, only up to one ounce of detergent is needed.

Q. I just purchased the Oxo Brite Non-Chlorine Bleach and have a front-loading machine. How do I use the product in the type of machine I have?
A. The way to use the Oxo Brite is more dependent on the type of front-loading machine you have. We always recommend going by what the machine’s manual advises about o where to add bleach. If you use a powder detergent, a scoop of the Oxo Brite can be added to the powder and put in the detergent dispenser. Alternatively, if your front-loader has a bleach dispenser, the Oxo Brite can be placed there. Some machines have a harder time dissolving the Oxo Brite than others. If that is the case with yours, you can add a scoop (or more scoops if needed) of the product to a cup of warm water so that the product dissolves before putting it in the bleach dispenser. We do not recommend keeping any remainder of the mixture for later use but instead dissolving just as much of the Oxo Brite as you will need for one load.

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Other PRODUCT-RELATED questions (effectiveness, testing, allergens, general)

Q: Do your products work as well as mainstream products?    
A: Yes! In comparison tests, Earth Friendly Products work just as well, if not better, than mainstream products. In fact, Earth Friendly Products was recently named as the Readers' Choice for natural cleaning products in Natural Home magazine.

Q: Do your products kill bacteria?
A:  No, our products are not anti-bacterials or sanitizers.  They do a great job of cleaning surfaces, but will not kill bacteria.

Q:  Who should use Earth Friendly Products?
A: Earth Friendly Products are designed for everyone and anyone who wants to retain their good health. They contain no carcinogens, are non-toxic and plant-based.  Earth Friendly Products are the type of products sought by people who are concerned about reducing the amount of toxins and in their home and the environment, including those sensitive to allergies.

Q: What makes your products Earth Friendly?
A:  Earth Friendly products are non-toxic and plant-based. Our products are free of phosphates, chlorine, petroleum chemicals and a variety of other harmful ingredients (see our Freedom Code). They are 100% biodegradable and the containers are easily recycled.

Q: Some of your labels don't say biodegradable. Does this mean the products aren't?
A:  They all are biodegradable. Look for fine print, at the bottom of the back label. If you don't see it, the product is still and always will remain biodegradable.

Q:  Are your products tested on animals?
A:  NO! Earth Friendly Products does not believe in testing on animals or using animal ingredients.  Our products are never tested on animals or contain animal byproducts.

Q: Is your laundry detergent gluten-free and casein-free?
A: Yes, our laundry detergent is gluten-free and casein-free.  All of our products are gluten-free except for our Orange Plus Cleaning Towels, which contain wheat germ.

Q. Where are the Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) for your products?
A. You can find a list of MSDSs on our website at www.ecos.com/msds.html

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Questions about the PRODUCT CONTAINER:

Q: I don't understand where the fill line is on my bottle of ECOS. It says "fill line" at the top of the cap, but it's more than two ounces. Do I use the fill line, or do I have to measure out 1/4 cup?    
A: Leave your measuring cup in the kitchen. Just fill the cap to the first line, which is smack in the middle of your cap and a lot easier to see. That's two ounces.

Q: Which type of plastic do you use for your product bottles?
A:  We use HDPE (2) bottles for products such as our ECOS Liquid Detergents, Wave Dishwashing Gel, Earth Enzymes Drain Opener, and Oxo Brite Non-Chlorine Bleach. The ECOS bottle caps and spray tops are also HDPE as are the scoops in the Oxo Brite and ECOS Powder. PETE (1) bottles are used for products such as our Dishmate and all purpose cleaners.

Q: Do your products come in larger-size bottles so that we can just refill the spray-bottle size?
A: Yes, we actually do sell our products in larger, bulk sizes, such as 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers.  Larger sizes can be found on our website, although they are typically not sold in most stores.

Q:  My sprayer spits and dribbles, but it won't give me a firm spray. How can I get it to work?    
A: The east and west positions are "OFF." North is "SPRAY" and south is "STREAM". The writing is in raised lettering. As you turn the nozzle, you can "feel" a gentle click as it settles into position.

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Questions about PURCHASING (payment, shipping, returns, ordering, discounts, availability)

Q: My local store stopped carrying some of my favorite Earth Friendly products. Why did that happen?
A:  Retailing is a complex business. Sometimes products change seasonally and other times, the retailer might choose to give different products a chance. As a manufacturer, we ultimately can't control our retail partners. We do encourage you to talk with the store managers to politely encourage them to bring back your favorites!

Q: Can I get a discount by buying a case?
A:  There are no volume discounts. However, there is great savings in purchasing quantity because the customers shipping fees are much lower.

Q: When I buy your products online, am I buying directly from Earth Friendly Products?
A: Orders placed on this website are processed by an affiliate, Earth Friendly Petastic Company. You cannot buy directly from the manufacturer.

Q: What is a bulk order?
A:  When you order a five-gallon container of product it is a special order. These containers are shipped directly from the factory and may take a bit longer to receive.

Q:  What credit cards do you take?
A:  VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Q:  Why do I only see American Express on the credit card form online?
A:  It is a drop-down menu. Click on American Express and you will see all of the choices listed.

Q:  What is your return policy?
A:  If you are unhappy with a product it may be returned within 15 days of receipt for a refund.
Q. I received my order but the product was wrapped in lots of  “peanuts.” Are they ecological?
A. Our packing peanuts are made of corn and are indeed ecological. They dissolve when added to water and are biodegradable.

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Questions about THE COMPANY (distribution, marketing, values, general).

Q: Do you have any distributors in Canada?    
A: Yes, our two main distributors in Canada are Christmas Natural Foods and Corwin Distribution.

Q: Does your company do private labeling?
A: Yes, we do private labeling.  Our order minimum is a truckload of products.

Q: Do you share customer information with other companies?    
A: We do not release any information about our customers. All information is confidential.

Q:  Your business philosophy "embraces" making a difference at a community level, can you explain how you do that?    
A: President John Vlahakis is down to earth with his vision, "We do small things that we hope will grow larger in scale and contribute to a healthier planet." For example, since we shun animal testing, the company supports several local animal rights and vegetarian groups. In Bloomingdale, New Jersey, Earth Friendly Products is helping to renovate a nature trail that contains many rare trees, plants and animals.

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